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1/350 Hobby Boss Russian Navy Typhoon Class SSBN

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by Hobby Boss HB83532 01:350

Unassembled and unpainted plastic model kit.

Soviet Russian Cold War 'Pike' nuclear attack submarine. Kit has 2-piece full hull (split upper and lower) with fine engraved surface features, separately molded faired sail with choice of surfaced configuration (open bridge and raised periscopes, snorkel and masts) or submerged configuration (with all protrusions retracted), optional extended or retracted bow planes, poseable rudders and aft diving planes, torpedoes (x2), display stand, 2 propeller types and photo-etch parts (including bridge spray shield, sail hatches, stand nameplate and optional propeller blades).

Completed model is approximately 12" long. Decals and 3-view color painting guide for a single vessel - includes hull markings and Russian Navy jack and ensign.

Contains ONE kit.