AMMO By Mig 8056 Face Mask

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Cloth Face Mask With Head Straps - does not have ear loops.

Reusable hygienic protective mask FACE MASK SUITABLE FOR ADULTS 28cm. 14cm. M.

Lab certified filtration efficiency AEROSOLS > 95%

Lab certified filtration efficiency PARTICULATE > 94%

External layer: 86 g waterproof & antibacterial, 100 % polyester. Inner layer: 135gr Comfort Line Plus 100 % polyester Reusable: can be washed in a washing machine at 60 oC (140 oF). Maintains properties up to 20 washings.

Wash and dry the mask according to the manufacturer’s directions. Complete a full wash cycle to include regular detergent, wash, and rinse at 60 °C (140 °F). Avoid contact and cross contamination between used face masks yet to be washed and clean clothes.

Don´t use products that may degrade or damage the materials and reduce their protective properties. Completely dry the face mask within 2 hours of washing it.

Don´t dry or sanitize the face mask using a microwave oven. Avoid placing the mask in environments with risk of contamination during both drying and subsequent storage. Visually inspect the mask after each washing cycle with protective gloves or clean hands. If any damage to the mask is detected including loose fit, deformation, or wear and tear, the mask must be discarded.

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