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1/72 Eduard F6F-5 Hellcat

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by EDUARD ED07077 01:72
Grumman-built carrier-capable fighter; the most successful combat aircraft in naval history in terms of enemy planes destroyed, definitive production variant. Kit features fine engraved panel lines, highly detailed cockpit and landing gear, choice of 2 types of main tires, full twin-row radial engine, 2-piece optional position canopy, optional aft canopy window and external stores (centerline drop tank, underwing bombs and rockets). Also includes canopy masks, photo-etch parts (fine details, ignition harness, bomb sway braces/fins/fuse props, plus color instrument panel and seatbelts).

Decals and color painting guide for 4 US Navy aircraft:
BuNo 70143 'Minsi III', Cdr McCampbell, USS Essex, October 1944
'White 7/Paper Doll', Lt Brown Jr of VF-27, USS Princeton, October 1944
BuNo 72534 'Death and Destruction' of VF-83, USS Essex, May 1945
'Black 71', Lt McCuddin of VF-20, USS Enterprise, October 1944