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1/72 Eduard Hellcat Mk.1/2 Dual Combo

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by EDUARD ED07078 01:72
F6F-3 Hellcat Mk.I/Mk.II Dual Combo Profipack. Grumman-built carrier-capable fighter; the most successful combat aircraft in naval history in terms of enemy planes destroyed, British export variants, equivalent to the F6F-3 and 5, in service with the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm - dual kit including 2 unassembled models. Each features fine engraved panel lines, highly detailed cockpit and landing gear, choice of 2 types of main tires, full twin-row radial engine, 3 cowling options, segmented optional position canopy and external stores (centerline drop tank, underwing bombs and rockets). Also includes canopy masks, photo-etch parts (fine details, ignition harness, bomb sway braces/fins/fuse props, plus color instrument panel and seatbelts).

Decals and color painting guide for 6 FAA aircraft:
Mk.I JV132 of 800 Squadron, HMS Emperor, May 1944
Mk.I JV131, 800 Squadron, HMS Emperor, June 1944
Mk.I FN430 of 1844 Squadron, HMS Indomitable, August 1944
Mk.II JX814 of 1844 Squadron, HMS Indomitable, Okinawa, April 1945
Mk.II JZ796 of 808 Squadron, HMS Khedive and HMS Trincomalee, Ceylon, 1945
Mk.II JZ935 of 1839 Squadron, HMS Indomitable, April 1945