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AMMO 1/35 King Tiger Henschel latest Version 1945

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by Ammo of MIG AMIG8500 1:35
Plastic model kit for a vehicle
- including PE
- 2 Version could be build March 1945 or the What if Juli 1945
- scale 1:35
- Link and length tracks

AMMO by Mig Jiménez is proud to present this new line of plastic kits. The 2 in 1 King Tiger 1945 from AMMO is the first in a range of models devised by Mig Jiménez in collaboration with the prestigious model manufacturer TAKOM, and produced exclusively for AMMO.
The model is a special edition kit for collectors and includes two unique versions not available before, featuring two assembly options, new parts, and unique features.

March 1945 model
This version incorporated the last improvements that entered production with the turret completed by Wegmann in March 1945:

    Deleted ring on the commander´s cupola.
    Simplified rear turret hatch.
    New holders for the spare links model Kgs 73/800/152 (18-tooth drive sprockets).
    Five D-loops welded to the turret sides to help attach foliage as camouflage.
The following modifications were added to the hull rear:

    Deleted jack and wooden jack block.
    Cooling air louvers on the rear engine deck to replace the large grille openings.
    Two new locks for the driver and assistant driver/hull machine-gunner.
    Internal mechanical changes.


Proposed model July 1945 (What If)

This version would have entered production in July 1945, including many improvements compared to the previous models:

    New Entfernungsmesser  1.6 m R (PZ) range finder, exclusively designed for the new modified turret of the Tiger B.
    Three-piece engine access hatch.
    New radiator system (heating).
    A Sturmgewehr 44 instead of a MG 34 in the glacis ball mount (not in all versions).
    An MG 42 in a new mount in place of the MG34 co-axial MG used on the previous models.
    Infrared system Mit Infrarot- Scheinwerfer (FG 1250).