Zvezda 5065 1/72 Russian Main Battle Tank T-90MS


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Plastic inkj. Kit
- scale 1:72
- not assembled/painted

T-90MS Russian main battle tank

Kit consists of 198 parts
Tracks in segments
Decals for various Russian units
New tooling

The T-90 MS is a complete modernization of the successful T-90 series, armed with a 125 mm high accuracy gun 2A46M-5 and a remote 7,62 mm MG on the top of turret.
It has a crew of 3.
The RELIEF dynamic protection system works against low-and high velocity missiles.

Named after a General of the Northern States army during the American civil war, the M4 Sherman was the largest mass-produced tank used by the U.S. Army in World War II. Reliable and manoeuvrable, the Shermans were also quite technologically advanced. The diesel version of the M4A2 was supplied to all lend-lease countries (Soviet Union, UK and France) from 1943 onwards and became the most important tank of foreign production used by the Red Army. The main armament was the 75mm US- gun M3 L/37,5. Soviet tankers called this tank "emcha" (Russian transliteration of M4). During World War II, the Red Army received more than 2000 tanks. The M4A2(75) was also in service with the US-Marine Corps in the Pacific campaign.

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