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1/350 Hobby Boss Russian Navy Project 955 Borei-Yuri Dolgoruky SSBN

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by Hobby Boss HB83520 1:350
The Borei class (sometimes transliterated as Borey) (Russian: Борей), also known as the Dolgorukiy class,  is a ship class of nuclear - powered ballistic missile submarine produced and operated by Russian Navy. The class is intended to replace the Delta III and Typhoon classes now in Russian Navy service. The class is named after Boreas, the North wind.
         Yuriy Dolgorukiy is the first SSBN submarine of the Borei class that is being built for the Russian Navy. Named after the founder of Moscow Yuri Dolgoruki, it was laid down on 2 November 1996 and was first planned to enter service in 2001. On 13 February 2008 Yuriy Dolgorukiy was finally launched from its floating dock in Severodvinsk where the final outfitting took place. The submarine's reactor was first activated on 21 November 2008,and submarine begin its sea trials on 19 June 2009.