Please understand AndysHHQ does not, express, imply, promise, guarantee any transit times or delivery dates. Any shipping times stated are estimates only and based on carrier suggestions.

Please be aware that the US Postal Service (USPS) and United Postal Service (UPS) do not guarantee any transit times/delivery date for any of their services except for Express Mail (UPS) and Next Day Air (UPS).  However, these transit time/delivery dates provided by USPS and UPS are estimates only.

AndysHHQ is not responsible for any additional fees, duties, taxes, or brokerage charges that may be incurred when shipping internationally.

AndysHHQ cannot control any package once it leaves our warehouse and is picked up by the shipping carrier. As such; AndysHHQ carries no responsibility or liability for any late deliveries or any damaged or lost packages. However, all packages shipped via UPS or USPS are insured at base limits. Additional insurance can be purchased. AndysHHQ will provide assistance in the completion of  valid insurance claims. Insurance claim determinations are made exclusively by the shipping company and their insurer. AndysHHQ has no influence or bearing on a claim determination.

Items should be inspected upon delivery and any issues should be reported as soon as possible and no later than 7 days of receipt. Delay in reporting issues could result in rejection of claim by the respective carrier.



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