1/32 Hobby Boss IL-2M3 Ground Attack Aircraft

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1/32 Hobby Boss IL-2M3 Ground Attack Aircraft


Unassembled and unpainted plastic model kit


Ilyushin Sturmovik, late 2-seat variant all-metal wings. Kit features engraved panel and rivet detail, well detailed cockpits, full engine, reinforcing center wing spars, separate control surfaces, optional position flaps, machine guns with magazines, underwing cannon pods with full weapon detail and clear-molded gondolas, wing bomb bays with optional position doors, segmented canopy, clear-molded upper cowling and instrument panel, vinyl ammunition belts and main tires, white metal main gear struts and photo-etch parts (seatbelts and bomb bay details). Also includes extensive ordnance - general purpose bombs (4 each FAB-50, 2 each FAB-100, DAB-100, BRAB-220 and FAB-250), 2 each PLBG-150, and 4 each ROFS-132 and RS-132 rockets. Decals and color painting reference for 2 Soviet aircraft: 'White 1' as flown by 'Hero of the Soviet Union' Ivan Pavlov and White 100' - includes instrument panel markings.

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