Das Werk 35006 1/35 Einheitsanhänger 5t German Uniform 5t Trailer WW2


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History of the Baumuster E 5
The Anhänger 5T or 5 tonne trailer, known by the official nomenclature of „Einheitsanhanger 5 t Baumuster E 5“ was the standard medium military trailer of the German military throughout the second world war.

With a load capacity of 5 tonnes, and an empty weight of approximately 2.5 tonnes, the Anhänger 5t could be seen hauling material anywhere the German military was active.

Also utilized by the Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine for transportation duties, the Anhanger 5t proved so rugged and useful that it continued to serve other masters well after the end of hostilities

Product Details

  • Highly detailed static plastic model
  • 1/35 Scale
  • Fine detailed multi disc wheels with sag
  • Side and rear panels buildable as 2 different options
    (raised or lowered)
  • Specific decal sheet included
  • Drawbar and front axle fully movable

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