1/48 Hobby Boss Dassault Mirage IIIC Fighter

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The first example of the Mirage Ⅲ C flew on 9 October 1960 .It was the first production series to be built. The Mirage Ⅲ C was a single-seat interceptor .powered by Atar 09B-3 trbojet .Armed with two 125-round DEFA 30-mm cannon, and it was also equipped with five wing pylons .As a interceptor, the aircraft had a whole series of air-to-air missile (Matra R-511 or R-530, Sidewinders).when they used in the ground attack role, which were replaced by air-to ground missiles (AS.20 ,AS.30) or JL100R rocket launchers. The mirage Ⅲ C had a rather successful export career, being used by Switzerland, Israel and South Africa.


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