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The concept of the T-12 consisted of a synthesis of the experience gained during the design and mass production of the T-18, and the idea of a multi-tier deployment of weapons, which was consistently tested by American engineers in the design of prototypes of a medium tank. The T-12 had a simple hull structure between two tracks with small-bogie suspension.   

      It had a eight-sided turret with a rounded commanders cupola and a crew of four. It weighed 19 tons, was 7.5m long, 3m wide, and 2.8m high. It was armed with a typical Model 32 45mm gun, with space for 1000 rounds, and it even had three 7.62mm DT machine guns in a Fedorov-Ivanov ball mount  one in the commanders cupola, one next to the main gun, and one on the side of the tanks turret. Like all Soviet tanks of that time, the T-12 had a removable tail, which increases the length of the hull 690mm, and gave the opportunity to overcome the trenches up to a width of 2.65 meters.

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