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The F4U-7 is the export model for France,and also the last model of the Corsairs.Totally 94 aircraft of this version were built.This model is the derivative of the F4U-5/AU-1,the prototype took the first flight on July 2,1952.

The F4U-7 can be differed from the F4U-5/AU-1 with the French-only equipments such as the French instrumentation and pylons for the SS-11 and Matra 116G missiles.Besides,the aircraft have the same engine and the chin-mounted carburetor duct with the F4U-4 which may mislead the people that the aircraft was developed from the -4.

The F4U-7 equipped Flottille 12F,14F,15F,17F and training squadrons until they were replaced by the new generation fighters such as the Vought F-8E.

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