ICM 35801 1/35 7,62 cm Pak 36(r) with German Crew


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76,2 mm divisional gun F-22 was designed in KB-92 under V.G. Grabin control and adopted by Red Army in 1936.
In 1941-1942 the large amount of F-22 guns was captured by German army.
These captured guns were exposed, these were bored chamber, the charge increased in 2,4 times, put muzzle brake, decreased elevation and also switched off the mechanism of cut-off gear.
The gun was named “7,62 cm Pak 36(r)”. Just been transferred 560 guns. Pak 36 (r) was the most powerful anti-tank gun of Wehrmacht till 1943.

The kit includes 7,62 cm Pak 36 (r) and 4 figures of German gunners. Highly detailed mounting, cradle and laying mechanisms. Possibility of assembling in combat or transport variants.

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