Academy 12131 1/35 OH-58D Kiowa "Black Death"


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OH-58D Kiowa "Black Death"

1/35 scale

assembly required

paint and glue not included

The Bell OH-58 Kiowa is a light reconnaissance helicopter of American production from the Cold War and modern times, which is currently (2019) manufactured by Bell Helicopter Textron. The prototype's flight took place in 1962, and the machine entered service in 1969. The helicopter - in the OH-58A version - has a total length of 9.8 meters, and the diameter of its main rotor is 10.8 meters. The drive is provided by a single Allison T-63-A-700 engine with 317 HP. Its maximum speed in horizontal flight reaches approx. 225 km / h. The helicopter has a classic layout with a single main rotor and a propeller on the tail boom.

Work on the Bell OH-58 Kiowa machine began in the early 1960s, when the US Army reported a need for a new, light reconnaissance helicopter. However, the Bell factory lost the fight for this large government contract with Hughes. At the same time, the management of Bell Helicopters plants at that time decided to introduce minor changes to the machine and offer it on the civil market, which actually happened. At the same time, the Hughes plant ran into logistical and financial problems, which significantly slowed down the delivery rate of OH-6 helicopters to the US Army. This fact, exacerbated by the beginning of the Vietnam War, led to the fact that the Bell OH-58 Kiowa helicopter entered service in the American armed forces. Moreover, this machine (known as the Bell OH-58A Kiowa after a few changes) proved to be highly useful on the battlefield. In the course of serial production, several versions of this machine were created, including: OH-58A (the first mass-produced military version), OH-58B (version intended for Austria) or OH-58D Kiowa Warrior (version with extensive field observation systems). fighting in all weather conditions, both day and night). The Bell OH-58 helicopter gained some popularity and in various versions has been or is still operated by countries such as Saudi Arabia, Austria, Greece and Turkey.

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