Academy 15792S God Phoenix (Gatchaman Series 1) with LED Module Set


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From the Battle of the Planets
From the animated series Gatchaman, this is the God Phoenix aircraft. This all new model comes with an LED light module kit. Other features include:

Four G Mechanics (G Machine miniature vehicles)
G1 Mecha Fighter Jet G2 Mecha Race Car
G3 Mecha Motorcycle G4 Mecha Tank

  • Bird Missiles and Super Bird Missiles
  • Landing gear
  • VTOL (vertical take-off) system
  • Adjustable wings
  • Firebird Mode transparent parts
  • Movable gates
  • Display stand base with LED button to turn lights On/Off
  • LED module
  • God Phoenix Molded in Color Plastic - (MCP) no painting necessary
  • G Machines molded in white
  • Decal sheet and stickers
  • Color Instruction Manual

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