AMMO by MIG 6131 Modeling Guide – How to Paint with the Airbrush (English)

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José Luis López has prepJosé Luis López has prepared this comprehensive guide to airbrushing. This title provides you with all the necessary techniques for using an airbrush to paint all kinds of models from figures and military vehicles to dioramas, aircraft and proper cleaning and maintenance. With the collaboration of a team of outstanding talent, José Luis López walks you through 179 pages filled with all the secrets of the airbrush in a fun and exciting way using easy to understand examples and step-by-step processes. This unrivalled guide is the companion you need to master a tool as necessary in current modelling as the airbrush.

The first part explains both technical aspects related to both the airbrush itself and the compressor, including the fundamental parameters of paint dilution rates and air pressure settings, as well as lighting and arrangement of the work table, and the equipment and procedures necessary to clean and maintain the airbrush.

The second part shows the endless application possibilities and painting techniques that can be applied with the airbrush, including pre-shading and base coats, camouflage schemes, highlights and shadows, stencils, varnish applications, transparent colours, weathering, as well as the use of the airbrush to paint dioramas and figures.

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