AMMO by Mig 7037 Flecktarn German Camouflage Set

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High quality acrylic paints designed to make painting your miniatures easy. This pack includes the 6 colors needed to paint the Flecktarn camouflage pattern uniform used by modern German armored units, among others. This includes the crews of the ever-popular Leopard 2, Puma, and Boxer. These colors have selected through rigorous research to ensure accuracy when creating highlights, volume, and define details.

Colors included:

AMMO.F-502 FIGURES PAINTS Outlining Black
AMMO.F-504 FIGURES PAINTS Yellow Green FS-34259
AMMO.F-506 FIGURES PAINTS Medium Russian Green FS-34092
AMMO.F-515 FIGURES PAINTS Midgrey FS-36357
A.MIG-2042 Transparator Matt (17mL)

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