AMMO by Mig 7250 US Navy Helicopters Set

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Acrylic Set for Aircrafts - 6 jars 17mL

High quality acrylic paints designed to accurately replicate the schemes most commonly applied to US Navy helicopters from the end of World War II to the present day.


A.MIG-0047 ACRYLIC COLOR Satin White
A.MIG-0208 ACRYLIC COLOR FS-36320 Dark Compass Ghost Gray
A.MIG-0209 ACRYLIC COLOR FS-36495 Light Gray
A.MIG-0210 ACRYLIC COLOR FS-35237 Blue Gray AMT-11
A.MIG-0227 ACRYLIC COLOR FS-25042 Sea Blue (ANA 606)
A.MIG-0241 ACRYLIC COLOR FS 36440 Light Gull Gray

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