AMMO by Mig 7608 Marta Kolinsky for Combat Set

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Marta Kolinsky for Combat Brush Set


Set of AMMO Kolinsky sable brushes, made with top quality natural kolinsky sable hair. With these brushes, you can obtain finishes with extreme precision by utilizing to their sharp point and adaptability.

This set contains Kolinsky sable brushes intended for a wide variety of applications. The best modelling brushes for precision and durability.

A complete range of brushes for all aspects of figure painting and for adding fine details to all modelling subjects. The best selection of round brushes in the appropriate sizes for scale modelling.

The new AMMO Kolinsky sable brushes are made with top quality natural hairs. With these brushes, you can obtain finishes with extreme precision by utilizing to their sharp point and adaptability.

This fine range is not only for figure painters, these brushes are highly effective and useful for every modeller that is painting a high level of detail. This set contains three different sizes: 00, 0 and 1.

In addition, the bristles are very resilient, easy to clean, and recover their fine tip easily. An essential tool for painting figures, accessories, and fine details such as those found within tank interiors, and aircraft cockpits. They can be used to apply techniques such as glazing, blending and layering on figures. They can also be used to paint fine details or to apply controlled washes on vehicles and aircraft. Their fine tip aids in painting the finest details within vignettes and dioramas.

This series of brushes can be used with all types of modelling paints and products including acrylics, enamels and oils. For care and maintenance, we recommend first cleaning with the appropriate thinner for the type of paint used. Once completed, use the special soap Long Live the Brushes A.MIG-8579 to preserve your brushes.

Before storing, reshape the tip into a point and cover it with the protective plastic cap.

This set includes the following AMMO brush references:

  • A.MIG-8709 00 AMMO Kolinsky Sable Brush
  • A.MIG-8710 0 AMMO Kolinsky Sable Brush
  • A.MIG-8711 1 AMMO Kolinsky Sable Brush

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