AMMO by Mig 7814 Avro Lancaster & Night RAF Bombers Super Pack Solution Set

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Super pack. 4 jars 15mL & 9 jars 35mL

This set contains the essential products used for Weathering the legendary Lancaster, as well as many of your favourite RAF bombers used during the Second World War. Thanks to the wide range of versatile products, you will be able to simulate all kinds of effects including panel washes, discolouration, leaks, staining and the full range of effects common to this iconic aircraft. Includes both enamel and acrylic products, each chosen to obtain the most realistic result.

Includes the colours:

A.MIG-2018 Enamel Odourless Thinner (35mL)
A.MIG-2010 Scratches Effects (35mL)
A.MIG-1612 PLW Green Brown
A.MIG-1615 PLW Stone Grey for Black
A.MIG-1407 Engine Grime EFFECTS
A.MIG-1408 Fresh Engine Oil EFFECTS
A.MIG-3512 OILBRUSHER Dark Brown
A.MIG-3015 PIGMENT Brick Dust
A.MIG-0855 SHADER Starship Filth
A.MIG-0187 METALLIC Jet Exhaust Burnt Iron

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