Andy's Hobby Headquarters 7459 M4A3E8 Sherman Paint and Weathering Starter Set

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Set with essential and necessary products to paint late WWII Sherman tanks or any US WWII vehicles. The perfect starter set for AHHQ 1/16 scale Sherman Kit!

This set includes:- 2 acrylic colors for green base and black camouflage: A.MIG-926 Olive Drab Base and A.MIG 046 Matt Black.- 1 Enamel wash A.MIG-1005 Dark Brown, to highlight details.- 1 Enamel effect A.MIG-1402 Fresh Mud, to make mud and splash. This can be mixed with plaster to create volume and texture.- 1 Pigment A.MIG-3004 Europe Earth, to apply final dust and dirt.

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