Academy 12352 1/48 A6M2b Zero Fighter Model 21 "Battle of Midway"


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12352 1:48 A6M2b Zero Fighter Model 21 "Battle of Midway"
Referred to by the Allies as Zeke or Zero, early in WWII this single engine, low wing fighter was the most capable carrier based fighter of its era. The A6M2b Zero variant featured folding wingtips allowing it to fit on aircraft carriers and drop tanks for added range. Nearly 11,000 were produced. This Zero 21 model was among the 248 carrier based aircraft that took part in the Battle of Midway.

  • Assemble with canopy open or closed
  • Wingtips can be built folded or horizontal
  • Landing gear cover can be assembled open or closed
  • Flaps and ailerons can be shown up or down
  • Select from five markings
  • Fuselage drop tank
  • Pilot figure
  • Leave cowl flap open to reveal radial air-cooled engine
  • Assemble tail wheel and arresting hook in landing or flight mode

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