Trumpeter 02272 1/32 F-8E Crusader US Navy


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Kit consists of 356 parts on 12 sprues with photo etched safety harnesses and turbofan.

Additional features:

  • Very detailed J57 turbojet engine
  • Detailed machine gun compartment with door which can be assembled open or closed
  • Wings can be assembled in folded or extended position
  • Positionable flaps
  • Assortment of bombs and missiles
  • Completed kit measures over 20" long with a wingspan of over 13"
  • Markings include USN VF-162 USS Oriskany & VF-194 USS Ticonderoga.
The Crusader was a carrier-based fighter developed in the 1950's to replace the F-7 Cutlass. In September 1952, United States Navy announced a requirement for a new fighter. It was to have a top speed of Mach 1.2 at 30,000 ft with a climb rate of 25,000 ft/min and a landing speed of no more than 100 mph. Unusual for a fighter, the aircraft had a high-mounted wing which allowed for short and light landing gear.

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