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This is Tamiya's 1/48 scale plastic figure set of German Africa Corps Infantry - Tamiya 32561.

The Italian army invaded and attacked Egypt at the start of WWII but received severe defeats from counterattacks led by the British. This has resulted in Field Marshal Rommel being sent to North Africa to save the situation. It was agreed that two German divisions would support their Italian counterparts in the English-held Egypt invasion which resulted in a complete and utter defeat for the English forces defending it. Always commanding from the frontlines, Rommel and his Africa Corps chased British troops and eventually cornered them on the border with Egypt. Rommel's success earned both respect and fear by the British forces and earned the moniker "the Desert Fox".

The figure set contains eight German Africa Corps Infantrymen. Accessories include a tent, wireless radio and battery, plus jerry cans, fuel drums, and wooden crates. Each figure measure approximately 35 mm tall when completed.

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