ICM 35596 1/35 BM-13-16 on G7107 Chassis w/ Soviet Crew


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- Unassembled plastic model kit

- Scale 1:35

- Colors & tools not included

Among other equipment supplied during the Second World War to the USSR from the United States (as part of Lend-Lease deliveries) were Chevrolet trucks. Their deliveries began in 1942. These vehicles with a carrying capacity of 1.5 tons were used both in combat units and in the rear. They were used to transport infantry, as artillery tractors, ambulances, mobile radio stations, to deliver ammunition, etc.

In addition to the main modification, the army also used the G7117 modification, which was distinguished by the presence of a winch in the front of the chassis.

Reliable enough and easy to operate, maneuverable and with good maneuverability, these trucks were loved and respected by the soldiers. After the end of the war, they continued to serve in the Soviet Army until the mid-1950s.

– Includes a Chevrolet G7117 car and two figures of Soviet drivers from 1943-1945

– Highly detailed model

– Accurate details of the uniforms of the drivers

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