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Leopard 2 A7+

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by MENG MODEL MENG-TS042 01:35
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Since its entering the military service, the German Leopard 2 main battle tank has set an example for modern MBTs. Each Leopard 2 variant has changes made in response to the changes of combat conditions. The Leopard 2A7+ is a typical example. Based on the Leopard 2A7 tank, it has received new equipment like the new roof weapon station to respond to close distance threats in urban combats.

The latest MENG TS-042 German Main Battle Tank Leopard 2A7+ is a precise replica of the latest Leopard 2 variant. The model is 314.8 mm long, 114 mm wide and has a total of 937 parts. This kit features movable suspension and workable tracks. Commander’s and loader’s hatches can be built open or closed. Clear optical equipment parts and fine PE parts are included.

Plastic kit

- incl.PE parts
- workable plastic track
- not built / painted