Luftfahrtverlag START HALBE Brandenburg - Dem Kessel von Halbe entkommen (Escape from the Halbe Pocket) - English & German text


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In this book, the story of the deployment of a tank man from the invasion of the Sudetenland through the occupation of the rest of Czechoslovakia, the invasion of Poland, the western campaign and the fighting in Russia is described and illustrated accordingly.
A wide arc is spanned, in which one marches into the Sudetenland cheered by the population, experienced the heavy fighting at the Meuse crossing in France, participates in the storm over the Parpach trench on the Kerch peninsula in Russia and in 1945 followed by Russian search parties through the Forests of Brandenburg are bustling. As for the time period at the Brandenburg Panther Department, this has been completely rewritten. All new information and reports and photos were incorporated that were not yet available for the first book. In this respect, the book also provides a lot of new information and the latest research.
It comprises 344 pages, 277 photos (of which a very few were already published in the first book, but have now been given more detailed text with the new information), over 30 colored maps, four color photos and colored documents.

English/German text

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