Luftfahrtverlag START Endkampf - Endkampf um das Reichsgebiet (überarb.Auflage) 1944-45 - English & German text


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On approximately 180 pages is documented by unique and previously unprecedented pictorial material, the struggle of the German armies around the Reichsgrenze. The approximately 180 black / white photos are exclusively German shots and not allied post-war photographs. The recordings were made mostly by German soldiers during the final bouts and thus represent unique picture documents from a time when hardly any film material was available and only rarely photographed. The black / white photos are supplemented by three rare color photographs, which also emerged during the fighting. The picture material, which is complemented by extensive and detailed texts and maps, is printed in the best possible quality on high-quality art print paper.

The following main topics are included:

* Nemmersdorf and Goldap, the Russian advance over the East Prussian frontier
* From Koenigsberg to Pillau - Retreats in Samland, East Prussia April 1945 (Panther Recordings)
* The battles of the 1st Naval Armed Forces Division on the Oder River in the bridgehead Zehden in February 1945
* The fighting in Silesia in the spring of 1945 (panther recordings)
* Fight in the fortress of Wroclaw
* The battles of the Fallschirmpanzerkorps \ "Hermann Göring \" around Bautzen and Görlitz in April 1945 (panther shots)
* The Leaders' Leadership Dividing in the Battle for Lauban (Panther Recordings)
* The SS Volunteer Brigade \ "Wallonia \" and the 4th SS Police Division in the Battle for Pomerania
* SS-Panzer-Jäger-Division 560 z.b.V. In action at the Oder (shooting scenes)
* The fight against the Russian Oderbrückköpfe at Küstrin and around the "fortress Küstrin" (Panther and Hetzer recordings)
* Holy ax and Oxhöfter Kämpe - the battles for the kettles at the bay and the Gdansk bay

25 x 28 cm, 180 pages, 186 photos, of which 23 in color, 13 maps
Revised new edition has 180 instead of 160 pages, bigger text, bigger photos, qualitatively improved photo print, new photos, some maps now in color instead of black and white
English/German text

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