AMMO by Mig 5953 M60A3 MAIN BATTLE TANK Vol 1

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Soft cover, more than 128 pages, color profiles and several hundred photographs.
English Language
    The M60A3 is a new joint AMMO and SABOT Publications book A photo-reference journal of the United States Army’s Cold War era Main Battle Tank.

    With more than 15,000 built over ts service life, and modernized in various ways, it was still in service in the U.S. up until 1997 and is still in frontline service with many armies in the world today. This long service life is a testimony to the soundness of the M60’s original design. Although considered by some to be initially a first generation main battle tank, the M60A3 was modernized and improved to become a fully second generation MBT, on par with its European counterparts of the seventies and eighties, such as the British Chieftain, German  Leopard and French AMX-30. Now it is retired from U.S. service, but some specialized variants are still active.

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