Tamiya 60317 1/32 Mitsubishi A6M2b Zero Model 21 (Zeke)


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  • 1/32 scale assembly kit of the Model 21 Zero Fighter. Length: 283mm, Width: 375mm.
  • Accurately reproduced curved cowling and fuselage are modeled from slide molding to accurately depict rivets and surface texture.
  • Realistically replicated Nakajima Sakae type 12 engine features propeller reduction unit, exhaust pipe and other detailed parts.
  • Both folded and extended wing tips included and can be used interchangeably even after assembly.
  • Durable and precision detailed metal parts depict landing gear system and pitot tube.
  • Seat belt incorporates photo-etched parts for extra realism.
  • Retractable landing gears increase display possibilities, while allowing model to be easily stored in package after assembly.
  • Features movable landing gears, rudder and flaps.
  • Includes standing and seated pilot figures and seven types of markings for planes which participated in Pearl Harbor attack.
  • Includes parts to depict any variation of Mitsubishi and Nakajima-built Zero Model 21.
  • Comes with wheel chocks and access steps. Includes posable display stand.

The Japanese Zero Fighter plane was widely feared and respected by friend, foe and all who came into contact with it. A triumph of aerodynamic engineering and military science, the Zero Model 21 served in the skies across East Asia during early stages of World War II, contributing immensely to the Japanese war effort. It remains today an enduring symbol of that fierce and globe-spanning conflict.

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