AMMO by Mig 6210 Modelling School - How to Make Mud in Your Models

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Mud is one of the most sought-after effects for modelers due to ignorance of the techniques and products suitable for its application. The realistic appearance mud provides is an extremely useful way to make your model stand out.
In this volume of the Modeling School series we put the knowledge, techniques, and products necessary to apply any mud effect on your models at your disposal. The authors have included every level of humidity, every texture, as seen on tracked and wheeled vehicles, and in various levels of complexity. With this text you will be able to make any type of mud including dry, wet or fresh, in the form of splashes, drained muddy water, slush, small and large accumulations, and even thick mud with a lot of texture. This Modeling School book also shows you how to depict the most typical mud accumulations by accounting for the different areas of the vehicle: front, rear, sides running gear, tracks and wheels. In addition we explore other areas where mud ends up deposited indirectly due to the actions of the crew stepping with muddy boots on the surfaces. We even show you how to make terrain with mud on which to set your models. In addition, you can choose the level of complexity that best suits your needs and preferences by demonstrating both simple and more complex techniques, each delivering excellent results.
Memorizing all this knowledge is a difficult task for many, we recommend keeping this title close so that you can take a look every time you need to be clear on how to apply mud on your current project to get unique and very realistic effects.
This dynamic book also contains dozens of photos of real vehicles with a library of authentic and unique mud effects references shown through high-quality and full-coulour photographs taken by Mig Jiménez and Ralph Zwilling

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