AMMO by Mig 1754 Mud Splashes - Damp Earth

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Enamel Splashed Soil product realistically creates the effects of fine mud splattered and splashed as well as dense accumulations of dirt and dust on your vehicles. This product contains a special irregular and very realistic texture that is very difficult to reproduce with the classic method of mixing plaster and other outdated methods. This product is medium density that allows subtle effects of fine clay as well as very realistic accumulations of dirt and dust with a light texture. This product is an enamel type and can be mixed with other products in the AMMO range, as well as cleaned and diluted with A.MIG-2019 Enamel Odorless Thinner. By applying this product with a brush and airbrush, we get incredible effects of mud splattered on vehicles with a realism never seen before. Corrections and adjustments can be made over several hours and cures to a permanent and durable finish. For the most realistic effects, lighter colors are matte and the darkest are glossy and bright to mimic effects unobtainable with mixtures of mud plaster made with moisture or other products. It is the most advanced and realistic for this innovative purpose available today. Other existing products of fine arts origins are acrylic resin mixed with an unrealistic and oversized texture, this innovative new solution has been designed specifically for realistic effects with the scale modeler in mind.

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