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TAMIYA 32570 1/48 Panzer II Ausf.A/B/C (French Campaign)

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by TAMIYA TAM32570 1:48



    In the mid 1930s, the German military pushed the production of tanks. The Panzer I designed as a
    training tank, did not have the adequate performance, so a light tank was needed to full the gap until
    the Panzer III could be introduced. Therefore, the German Ordnance Department issued a request for a
    new training tank that could be used for combat. In the end, MAN was chosen in 1934 to produce the
    Panzer II, a compact 4.8m long, 2.2m wide design with a three man crew. The 8.9 ton tank featured a
    2cm Kwk 30 L/55 cannon and 7.92mm machine gun in the turret, 15mm armor protection for turret
    and hull front, leaf spring suspension, and a 140hp Maybach HL 62 TRM engine matched with a
    ZF SSG46 transmission, which gave it a 40km/h top speed. The Ausf. A was produced from 1937,
    followed by the Ausf. B and C, which were difficult to distinguish from each other visually. About