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Fotos from the Panzertruppen book by Lee Archer and William Auerbach

If you like the big photos in Panzerwrecks, you will love this 64-page book from the same authors using images taken by German servicemen. All of the pictures are from veterans’ collections and photo albums, and most from the authors’ collections. Seventy-seven photographs bristling with detail and inspiration for model makers and historians alike are accompanied by detailed and insightful captions. Thomas Jentz of Panzer Tracts has provided technical assistance. For this volume, we are pleased to be able to show our readers images of the very rare Pz.Kpfw.IV with ‘Vorpanzer’ on the turret among many many other things. Cyber Hobby kit 6512, Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.D “Vorpanzer” has decals for one of the vehicles shown in this book.

Book Data

Authors: Lee Archer and William Auerbach
ISBN: 9780955594021
Language: English (UK)
Photos: 77
Pages: 64
Physical: Softcover, 280x210mm, landscape



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