Takom 2162 M48 A3 Mod B PATTON TANK


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The M48 Patton is a first generation American main battle tank introduced in February 1952 and armed with a 90mm cannon.

It was the main battle tank of the US Army and US Marine Corps in the Vietnam War.
Almost 12,000 M48s were built from 1952 to 1961.

In the M48A3 version, an AVDS-1790 diesel engine was first installed in the older M48A1 and A2 hulls.
By 1957 the Army had received around 600 and the Marine Corps 419 M48A3 tanks.
(The figure is NOT included)
  • plastic model kit
  • 4 marking variants
  • workable single track links
  • workable suspension
  • photo-etched parts
  • Hatches can be shown open or closed

1:35 scale

unbuilt / unpainted

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