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by Ammo of MIG AMIG8017
Elastic and easy to use Rigging for kits. 2 meters. 0.02 mm wide
A wide variety of modeling subjects feature rigging from naval vessels, antennas, and wire riggingfor WWI aircraft and civilian aircraft subjects. Adding this critical detail to our kits was adifficult task until now. Rigging from AMMO is the most versatile and easy to use rigging productavailable today. The elasticity will enable you to work with ease, never snapping, breaking,or bending line during assembly. Black material makes it easy to see in fine scales, all Riggingis paintable allowing for realistic replicas. This product is the perfect solution for rigging andwiring naval vessels, aircraft, and civil vehicles in all scales. Use A.MIG-8013 Cyanoacrylatefor assembly. Each real comes with 2 meters (6,5 feet) of rigging material.
MEDIUM FINE 0.02 mm is ideal for standard 1:48th & 1:32nd scale subjects.