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TANKART 3 Modern Armor is the third TA book covering this very popular subject of Modern Armor. This 2nd Edition expands the existing material by 64-pages to provide greater coverage. Each chapter inside TA3 is given more pages, adding more images of the various steps, ideas, and thoughts behind each project or technique used.

• 8.5" x 9.5", expanded content from 224 to 288-pages.

 Matte-lamented softcover with Lay-Flat binding.
• Newly added Technique Proficiency chapter.

• Expanded and updated Hair Spray Chipping, Oil Paint Rendering (OPR), and Pigment Application chapters.
• 5 model chapters showcasing an 1/35 D9R Armored Dozer, 1/35 T-62M1 MBT, 1/35 AMX-30B MBT, 1/35 FV221 Caernarvon prototype, 1/35 T-72B MBT.
• Plus, special guest author chapter by Andy Taylor with his Iraqi MTLB.

TANKART 3 Modern Armor

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