Italeri 5603S 1/35 Schnellboot S100 - Special Edition


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Special Edition Plastic model kit

  • Over 600 individual parts
  • Photo-etched parts included
  • Reference booklet with photos
  • Total length: 99cm
  • Total width: 15cm
  • Total height: 19cm
Among the various provisions of the 1919 Treaty of Versailles was a strict limitation on German fleet construction.
Small boats were not covered by these provisions and led to the development of torpedo boats from the late 1920s.
The design was based on a civilian yacht. This was modified to carry two torpedoes: the S-1.
The development of the design continued until it reached a length of 35 meters and a weight of 100 tonnes in its most advanced models.
The space for secondary armament was also gradually increased. The construction consisted of aluminum girders and wooden planking. The characteristic iron deckhouse appeared with the S-100 model and was a necessary response to the Allies' increasing air superiority and intensified low-level attacks.
The boats were used primarily for attacks on Allied ships in the coastal areas of the British Isles, but also for operations in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. Mostly under cover of darkness.
From 1943 onward, after a large part of the Kriegsmarine had been destroyed or decommissioned, these fast boats were among the few ships still in the water and able to carry out military operations.
This led to an increasing number of engagements and the heavy casualties associated with them.

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