Trumpeter 05553 1/35 Soviet KV-220 "Russian Tiger" Super Heavy Tank


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KV-220 (Object 220) Experimental tank based on KV-1. Longer chassis (7 rollers per side). Armor - 100mm. New 850 hp V-2SN engine with turbocharging. New diamond-shaped turret. 85mm F-30 cannon. One prototype was constructed in 1941. The tank was lost in battle.The KV-220-2 had its turret removed (The turret and KV-220-2 were both used in the defense of Leningrad) it was fitted with a KV-1 turret and F-32 cannon. The tank was lost in battle, supposedly later repaired, and sent to a training unit.

Item No 05553
Item Name “Russian Tiger” Super Heavy Tank
Bar Code 9580208055534
Scale 1:35
Item Type Plastic Model Armor Kit
Model Brief Length: 207.6mm Width: 95mm
Total Parts 220+
Metal Parts n/a
Photo Etched Parts 1 piece
Film Parts n/a
Resin Parts n/a
Total Sprues 14 sprues , lower hull , upper hull and turret
Released Date 2016-07
More Features The kit consists of over 220 parts
>the kit w/refined detail
>multi-slide moulded lower hull
>Photo Etched Parts included

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