Luftfahrtverlag START EDL-1 Embleme der Luftwaffe Band 1 (Nah-/Fernaufklärer) - English & German text

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In collaboration with Peter Petrick, Gerhard Stemmer and Ulf Balke, we begin with this volume 1 to publish the most comprehensive work on the emblems of the flying air force associations. The research for this has been almost 20 years. Since the books of Karl Ries, which appeared in the 60s and 70s, there is no publication that has dealt more deeply with this topic and into which all new findings have flowed. Each volume will feature several hundred largely unpublished black and white and color photos, page views, and detailed emblem information. In addition, the emblems are shown in large graphics. The volumes also contain many unit emblems that have never been published or assigned before and variants of the unitary insignia. The book series will therefore be an important air force book for modellers and historians. Volume 1 deals with the "near and far reconnaissance" and the "weather intelligence squads".

Authors: Peter Petrick, Gerhard Stemmer, Ulf Balke and Axel Urbanke
Pages: Approx. 320
Photos: Approx. 412
Format: 24 x 28.5 cm - large format, hardcover + dust jacket
English/German text

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