Tankograd 6037 U.S. WWII Studebaker US6 2 ½-ton 6x6 & 6x4 Trucks


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Studebaker US6
2 ½-ton 6x6 & 6x4 Trucks


In the U.S. Army Studebaker US6 and US6x4 models saw only very limited use with the Corps of Engineer regiments assigned to the construction of the Alcan (Alaska) Highway. Lend-Lease shipments of the US6 series came to about 90% of the production run, with by far the most being shipped to the Soviet Union. The second largest recipient of US6 vehicles was Great Britain which forwarded a number of its share to Czech and Polish units. U.S. Army units in England received US6 vehicles through Reverse Lend-Lease. The most famous vehicle on the US6/US6x4 chassis was the conversion into Katyusha multiple rocket launchers. This publication covers the production, variants, technology and service of the Studebaker US6 in all user nations.

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Illustrated with 72 black&white photos, 4 colour photos and 108 illustrations from the technical manual
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