Takom 6007 1/350 Italian Horizon Class Destroyer D553 Andrea Doria / D554 Caio Duilio


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The Horizon-class destroyer is a missile destroyer jointly developed by the Horizon Project by France and Italy in the 1990s. Initially, three countries took part in the plan, including the U.K., and it was to install a  jointly-developed anti-aircraft weapon system of a hull of common design; however, the U.K. withdrew from the project in 1999 due to different requirements for the radar and hull structure. In 2000, France and Italy ordered two Forban-class destroyers and two Andrea Doria-class destroyers through this joint venture.

This model kit from Takom allows you to assemble either the D553 Andrea Doria or the D554 Caio Duilio. Photo-etched parts and clear parts are included, as are decals for two versions. Order yours today!

  • [Includes]: Photo-etched parts, clear parts, decals for 2 versions

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