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German tanks and AFVs continue to be some of the most popular items in our 1/48 Military
Miniature Series, and weve gotten lots of requests for Tiger I variants. In addition to spotlighting
the North African theater for a fresh change of focus, this Tiger I Initial production assembly kit
adds one more great model to our ever-expanding 1/48 MM lineup. Display with the 1/48
Kubelwagen (Africa Corps) for a mini diorama of Rommels desert fighters.
The German heavy tank, Tiger I, was one of the most famous tanks in WWII. The Tiger had the
88mm KwK 36 L/56 as main gun, 100m thick armor at the front and 80mm on the both sides.
With 1,354 models produced by August 1944, the Tiger went through many variations. The characteristics
of early production Tigers included gun port on the side of turret and front fender
composed of a skidproof-board. In addition, there were Feifel air pre-cleaners for desert use,
the storage box behind the turret and fenders on both hull sides. The distinctive feature of Tiger
I tanks serving in sPzAbt 501 (501 heavy tank battalion) was the exhaust cover with the heat
dissipation slit.

1/48 scale replica of the Initial production Tiger I featuring 1/35 Military Miniature series
detail. Overall length: 175mm, Overall width: 78mm.
Includes parts to accurately depict Initial production Tiger I serving in North Africa, such as
gun port, exhaust cover, storage box, fenders and air filters.
Includes die-cast chassis for extra weight and realism.
Comes with commander figure and 2 sets of markings.
Tank treads are assembly type, with straight upper and lower treads made of single piece
for easy assembly.

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