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by TAMIYA TAM32545 1:48
Tamiya announces the release of the up-armored KV-1B in our ever-growing 1/48 MM Series.
Display it with the previously released KV-1 to show the differences between the two, line it up
with our other Russian vehicles like the T-34 and GAZ-67B, or pit it against its German adversaries
like the Tiger I and Panther in battle dioramas.
Armed with a powerful 76.2mm main gun and equipped with 75mm frontal armor, the KV-1 tank
was an unpleasant surprise for the German army when they invaded Russia in the summer of
1941. Impervious to nearly all anti-tank guns, the KV-1 proved to be a formidable opponent, but
the introduction of newer, more powerful German tanks lessened its advantage as the war went
on. In response, additional armor plates were bolted onto the hull and turret to increase protection,
resulting in the KV-1B variant.