Tamiya 32549 1/48 GERMAN STEYR TYPE 1500A/01


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Tanks may be the stars of the battlefield, but the "soft" vehicles supporting the front lines play an
equally important role. With the release of the 1/48 MM Steyr Type 1500A/01, Tamiya gives
modellers another interesting subject to add to their WWII armor and aircraft dioramas.
Prior to the start of WWII, the German army used a variety of vehicles in preparation for their
mobile Blitzkrieg tactics. However, the "Schell" Program of 1940 called for a standardization of
vehicles for more efficient production, and one of the vehicles chosen for use was the Austrian
Steyr 1500A/01. With its air-cooled 3.5 liter V8 engine and 4WD, the vehicle proved to be
rugged and reliable, and was produced as a light truck, soft top infantry carrier, and staff car. It"s
versatility made it a useful transport vehicle on all battle fronts.

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