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TWM Special "World War I"

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by Ammo of MIG AMIG6011
This the first Special Issue of the Weathering Magazine, the only modelingpublication completely devoted to painting and weathering techniques. Forthis special edition we´ve chosen WWI as a subject. An historical introductionby the well-renown author Daniele Gugliemi, fruit of a in depth researchwork is included.
Throughout 76 pages and over 200 pictures you´llfind detailed step-by-step articles showing different camouflage schemes,AFV painting techniques and a host of realistic weathering effects to takeany model back to the battlefields of the Great War. All these techniquesare valid for any WWI vehicle.

This volume is complemented by the 24-page paperback ‘The Great War’,a comprehensive guide with over 30 color profiles of this era camouflageschemes. Free and only available purchasing the TWM special.