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1/48 Tamiya WWII USN Pilots w/Moto Tug

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This figure set depicts a tense pre-mission briefing and you can almost hear the squadron leader say "Remember to avoid dogfights against the Zero. Use hit-and-run tactics from above and behind to take them out." The U.S. Navy's aircraft carrier forces played a large role in the defeat of the Japanese forces in WWII, and this model kit reproduces a scene from the deck of one of these flat tops. The pilots are depicted in tropical uniforms and life jackets as they hunch over a plotting board prior to their next mission. Two deck crew figures and a moto-tug with driver are also included to further liven things up, and these figures can be paired with 1/48 scale models of U.S. Navy aircraft such as the Corsair in dynamic dioramas.

★Moto-tug Length: 62mm ★Set includes 5 pilot figures, 2 deck crew figures, and a moto-tug with driver. ★Pilots feature tropical uniforms and life jackets. ★Moto-tug comes with two types of towing bars, one for an aircraft's main wheels and the other for an aircraft's tailwheel.