Vallejo 71.181 Model Air Color: Metallic Effects

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Set of 16 Model Air references for painting models, figures and dioramas. Containing bottles of 17 ml/0.57 fl oz (with eyedropper) and a color chart.

71.062 Aluminium (Metallic)
71.063 Silver RLM01 (Metallic)
71.064 Chrome (Metallic)
71.065 Steel (Metallic)
71.066 Gold (Metallic)
71.067 Bright Brass (Metallic)
71.068 Copper (Metallic)
71.069 Rust (Metallic)
71.070 Signal Red (Metallic)
71.071 Artic Blue (Metallic)
71.072 Gun Metal (Metallic)
71.073 Black (Metallic)
71.077 Wood
71.080 Rust
71.082 Fluorescent Red
71.097 Medium Gunship Gray

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